Friday, 21 January 2011

Future Prospects

OK so this may turn into either a list of what I'm going to be doing soon or a list of what I'd like to be doing or maybe a bit of both we'll see. 

So tomorrow I will be meeting my friend Marie and her two friends Rosanna and Kay ( who I've never met before but I'm sure shes going to be lovely! )
If we are still doing tomorrow then its a meet up and a trip to nando's then I'm not sure where after. 

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to view two flats a 2 bed and a 3 bed so hopefully that is still happening and that the 3 bed is in good condition and a nice flat because that could end up being our new home. Seeing as we have had so many problems with this flat and this time around we are buying the place I really want to get as much right as possible so that means, location location location!, a good size and definitely 2 beds at the least, preferably gas central heating but we can't win em all and a garden would be ideal but once again we can't have everything we want oh and parking has to be fairly decent!! But we arn't rich so getting everthing isnt going to happen (not in London anyway) 

So next I have been thinking about this for such a long time and have always been way too scared also money has been abit of an issue seeing as I don't really have any and that's not such a good idea to be chucking money at this. But I would love to get a tattoo my bf has told me no but its my body and my life I don't really know why I let him make so many desicions for me.  

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